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English 105: Academic English for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)
This course is designed specifically for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) who will be teaching at the University of Washington. The main objectives are to develop language production skills, lesson planning and presentation skills, and TA-student interaction skills related to classroom teaching. Language production skills include pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary usage. Lesson presentation skills include organization and presentation of lessons. TA-student interaction skills include initiating classroom interaction, responding to questions, and comprehending spoken English.

English Requirements for International Teaching Assistants
Graduate students who score below 65 on the Versant English Test are required to complete English 105. This class is available only to graduate students who have satisfied all their English language requirements as set by the University of Washington. To verify that all English language requirements have been met, please refer to:

Graduate School Memorandum No. 8: English Language Ability for Admission to the Graduate School

Graduate School Memorandum No. 15: Conditions of appointment for TAs who are not native English speakers

Registering for the VERSANT English Test
The Versant English Test is used to determine eligibility to be a Teaching Assistant and is offered each quarter. Scores are mailed by the Office of Educational Assessment approximately one week after the test date. For test dates and information about how to register, contact the Office of Educational Assessment.